2023 Sponsors and Partners

2023 MobileWeek Sponsors

Bitrise: The mobile-first DevOps and CI/CD Platform. Build powerful mobile apps on a dedicated Mobile DevOps platform with hassle-free code-signing, automated release management & an intelligent Bitrise Build Cache tool built-in. Our guarantee? The latest Xcode versions/betas will be available within 24 hours of their release.


Altoros is a 400-people strong professional software services provider that specializes in delivering fully managed mobile, web, and desktop solutions for a variety of industries. We operate based on three major models, including staff augmentation, project-based, and our unique approach called 2-pizza teams. Visit our booth to learn more!


Buy Properties in South Florida, virtually, remote from the comfort of your computer.

We are your one-stop-shop in acquiring Miami Real Estate. We guide you throughout the entire process. Step by step project managing from identifying the property, to bidding offers and winning the contract. We are hands on during inspections / due diligence and make sure your property is all that you are hoping for.

Our escrow and title company is the best in South Florida and clear title is our priority. After title is transferred to your possession, if you so desire; we help you lease the property out and start generating cash flow for your investment. We assume property / project manager roles and effectively walk the process all the way through; so you are essentially hands free. (Looking for strategic JV to Blow this UP)


For more than fifty years, PFU has been developing technologies to accelerate digital transformation for organizations around the world—including our world-class keyboards. Today, PFU America, Inc. brings HHKBs to customers everywhere, helping them optimize their work with products that fuel their passion.

The Happy Hacking Keyboard is so much more than a mechanical keyboard. It’s the result of years of innovation—working toward a tool that feels like it’s designed for you. Its very composition is meant to evoke innovation and progress.


2023 Media/Community Partners

Apiumhub is a software development hub with years of experience applying best practices that help technical teams deliver robust, scalable, and better performing working software on time. Services offered include: web and mobile development, software architecture, DevOps, QA software and test automation.


Bay Valley Tech is a tuition-free coding and digital design academy, headquartered in Modesto, CA with a presence that reaches students across the nation. Our goal at Bay Valley Tech is to bridge opportunities to careers in tech and ensure that access to education and training is accessible to everyone, regardless of background, education, or ability to pay. We offer coding courses that train students in web development utilizing modern languages. Our digital and graphic design courses provide our students training in and access to industry standard design software. Our academy gives students access to valuable connections to succeed in the tech industry. In the coming years, we hope to reach even more students in need and train the talent of today for the careers of tomorrow.


ChickTech is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to advancing diversity in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by increasing retention and building the pipeline of underrepresented technologists, with a focus on women, girls, and non-binary people of all ages. We envision a future where all people—regardless of gender expression, racial identity, disability, age, or amount of experience in tech—feel welcome and empowered in an inclusive STEM community.

ChickTech has directly impacted tens of thousands of participants, bringing community and support to people of all genders. Our programs include ChickTech: High School – free STEM workshops and mentorship for high school students of marginalized genders; and ACT-W (Advancing the Careers of Technical Women) – conferences, events, and an online community for technologists of all genders. And wherever possible, we partner with companies and community organizations to expand our impact.


CODE Magazine is an independent technology publication for today’s software developers. Our in-depth content is written by professional developers who have real-world experience with the topics they write about. Our mission is to provide an intelligent and authoritative filter for the flood of information about established and emerging technologies and developer tools. We have an obligation to our readers to provide instructional, informative, and lasting information through state-of-the-art, detailed, practical and application articles that our readers can refer to again and again.
CODE can help you with custom software development, consulting, training, staffing, conferences, events, webinars, mentoring, and so much more! We partner with our clients to produce custom software solutions to meet their business needs. Whether it’s modernizing and enhancing an existing legacy application or creating a new solution to solve a particular business problem, CODE Consulting is your trusted “go to“ source for technical expertise and results!

CODE: Helping people build better software since 1993!


Circuit Launch is a 35K sqft coworking/cofacturing facility, focused in mechatronic engineering, electronic hardware and biotech.


The Developer Nation Community is committed to creating a space where all software creators can set the right foundations for their careers, learn how they stack up against emerging software development trends, get tips and discover opportunities for professional growth, and plan wisely their next moves.
Developer Nation is behind the State of the Developer Nation research program, an independent network of surveys run by SlashData, the leading analyst of the developer economy. Our global surveys reach over 30,000 developers each year across 165+ countries.


DevITjobs is the first job board built with Software Engineers in mind.
The main goal of the company is to bring more transparency, openness and diversity to the US IT market.
DevITjobs is not only for Developers but for everyone working in the IT industry: Engineers, SAP and System Admins, Product Managers, QAs and UX/UI Designers!


Great people are the passionate force behind every location, event, networking meetup, and startup building and funding activity. Think of Draper Startup House as a unique blend of local hospitality for entrepreneurs and a global resource for successful startups. Let us help you GO BIG, as we pay it forward and drive progress together.


EM360 is a multimedia platform that delivers tech news, opinion pieces, and educational content to the global corporate and IT communities.

We create, launch, and manage demand generation campaigns for our diverse and ever-growing client portfolio of enterprise technology companies.

In our 12+ years of operation, we have spearheaded campaigns for some of the top tech businesses in the world. Our expertise, commitment, and key relationships enable us to engineer a successful campaign that not only meets your marketing goals, but delivers beyond your expectations.


Kube Careers it the job board for Kubernetes focused jobs. Here is what you can expect:

  • Clear salary ranges. So you know when it’s worth applying.
  • Only Kubernetes jobs. Have you ever found those pesky job ads that mention Kubernetes, but you end up working on 100% legacy codebase. Well, we don’t list those.
  • Honest job ads. For every job we ask ourselves, “is this something I’d be happy to apply to?”. If it passes the test, you list it.


When is the next Kube-related conference? (apart from KubeCon, of course)

  • Did you know that there was a meetup last week that covered Kubernetes node scaling with Karpenter?
  • When is the next in-person conference?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where you could see all upcoming Kubernetes events?

Enter Kube Events.

Kube Events has a simple goal: surfacing the best upcoming Kubernetes events around you and online.

The team at Learnk8s curates every entry and lists only meetups, webinars, training and conferences that are related to Kubernetes.


Learnk8s helps you get started on your Kubernetes journey through comprehensive online, in person or remote training.


Latinas in Tech is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide the resources, opportunities, and community Latinas need to thrive, innovate and lead in tech. They are focused on empowering and connecting Latinas through three key pillars: Professional Development, Recruiting, and Mentorship. Latinas in Tech’s vision is a tech industry where Latinas are well-represented throughout all levels of the ecosystem by empowering them to be innovators and leaders.


We now live in a remote-first world and every company is in a race to find the best remote engineers. Turing’s mission is to help spin up your engineering dream team by connecting you with the world’s most elite technical professionals.

Turing’s hiring platform combines the planetary reach and AI to deliver your ideal team. Our deep matching intelligence finds the best technical professionals across 100+ skills like React, Node, Python, Golang, Angular, Swift, Java, and many more. As part of our rigorous vetting process, we also review software engineers’ technical abilities, English skills, and remote working capabilities. Turing ensures time zone overlap, transparency, and reliable communication in order to make remote development easy for you after the match.


Werqwise is a California based collaborative workspace provider enabling businesses and professionals to work smarter by leveraging our thoughtful partner resources, flexible workspaces, events, and community. Our Mission is to empower you and your workplace. We are changing the way the world works by approaching workspace unconventionally. It’s not just about the space, it’s about the people and the way they work. Environmental psychology drives our designs and allows us to positively impact businesses by putting people at the center of what we do. It’s what we call werqing wisely.

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Women Who Code (WWCode) is a global nonprofit on a mission to empower diverse women to excel in technology careers. The organization has executed more than 16,000 free events around the world, garnered a membership exceeding 343,000, and has a presence in 147 countries.

WWCode Values: Focus on the mission. Design for inclusion. Advocate for change. Journey forward!


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