About WorldFestival


Technology innovation moves the world forward. WorldFestival is the global virtual conference supporting worldwide technology innovation. Join 20,000+ participants across 130+ nations in discovering and learning about the top 1,000 emerging innovations and trends of 2021.

WorldFestival includes:

  • Technology Innovation Conference: Hear talks from 200+ speakers covering the newest innovations in 24 industry verticals: from Virtual Reality and Blockchain to Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Submit your speaker proposal here.
  • Award Competition: Discover and vote on the top 1,000 innovations of 2021, from 6 continents, competing to pitch on-stage as the Top 50 WorldFestival Innovations. Nominate your technology here.
  • Virtual Expo: Visit and learn about 100+ emerging technologies at our virtual expo. Inquire about virtual expo & sponsor opportunities here.
  • Networking & Receptions: Certain pass types will be invited to 1:1 networking breaks and our VIP receptions, where you can meet and chat with top executives, supporters, and contributors.

WorldFestival is hosted by DevNetwork, a San Francisco based technology conference and tradeshow business. DevNetwork organizes a community of over 95,000 members, and attracts 20,000+ attendees per year to our live and virtual conferences, including DeveloperWeek, API World, ProductWorld, DeveloperWeek Global Series, and more.


Our goal at WorldFestival is to accelerate world progress by connecting the globe to the newest technologies. More than ever, the entire world is a single innovation ecosystem, where one tech company’s progress can have an impact on people and companies in any nation. We connect the top emerging technologies each year to companies, people, investors, media, and communities around the world.


In addition to hosting the world innovation community, WorldFestival advocates a world vision we call “World 2.0”. The more technology progress we make, the more everything in the world becomes interconnected. Companies, customers, data, software, households, cars, cities, industries, nations all become part of one connected web. World 2.0 is the integration of the digital and real worlds, from your transportation and travel, to your company teams and projects, we are all part of one connected web.

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