The Technology Pavilion showcases innovation for technology teams, IT departments, business managers, and software engineers.

Technology Pavilion

The Technology Pavilion showcases innovation for technology teams, IT departments, business managers, and software engineers.

Conference Tracks

Dev Innovation Summit

Dev Innovation Summit invites 3,000+ Dev Professionals to discover and learn about the newest developer technologies, from new Dev Tools and Programming Languages to APIs and Cloud Services.

Hardware & IoT

Hardware & IoT (Internet of Things) innovation includes smart devices, industrial IoT, healthcare IoT, facilities IoT, embedded systems, embedded software development, and IoT standards.

Robotics & Drones

Robotics & Drones innovation includes household / consumer robotics, industrial robotics, robotics design and development, as well as quadcopter innovation and industrial drone hardware and software.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing innovation includes containers and kubernetes, cloud architecture, DevOps management, microservices & serverless architectures, and cloud native vs. hybrd cloud technologies.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning innovation includes ML frameworks and libraries, neural networks, deep learning, data science technologies, algorithms, AI cloud services, AI management software, AI for security, as well as natural language processing and chatbots.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing innovation includes emerging hardware and software for quantum computing, as well as quantum computing services for industrial or business use.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency innovation includes technology applications for bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain protocols, cryptocurrency payment processing and marketplaces, blockchain solutions for business / industry, decentralized ledgers / finances, and new decentralized application platforms.

Smart Cars, Automotive & Vehicles

Smart Cars, Automotive & Vehicles innovation includes the newest cars and road vehicles, smart car software and technologies, connected car web and mobile apps, self-driving car technologies, and artificial intelligence for automobiles.

TechExec Summit

The TechExec Summit @ WorldFestival is the world’s largest virtual conference for technology executives who want to grow their tech companies. The TechExec Summit has tracks for sales management, marketing management, product management, and tech strategy for founders and senior execs.

2023 Schedule

2023 Schedule Coming June 2023.

2023 Call for speakers coming April 2023.

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