Startup FAQs

What is WorldFestival?

  • WorldFestival the world’s largest virtual technology awards event where 30,000+ participants and industry experts across the globe will help judge and select the Top 50 Startups in the world. You can get more information about WorldFestival here. This is the second year of the WorldFestival conference & award competition.

What are the WorldFestival Startup Awards?

  • You’ll be competing for a spot in the global Top 50 Startups, with the winners qualifying to demo their startup live online during the WorldFestival conference & expo (Aug 3-4, 2022) to a global audience.

How are the WorldFestival Top 50 Startups chosen?

  • We begin from a list of 5,000 top global startups (including your startup), and then we use a methodology based on 3 ratings:
  • Crowd Vote: You invite your community to vote online for your startup. Nominees will receive more information about crowd voting by June 22. Crowd votes are published live on our online leaderboards.
  • Committee Vote: Our executive committee (100+ investors, executives, and tech media professionals) will be invited to vote online for your startup. Committee votes are not published live.
  • Benchmark Points: Factors such as funding raised this year and tech news / media mentions, influence benchmark points. Benchmark points play a smaller role and are mostly used as tie breakers.

What are the requirements to qualify for the WorldFestival Startup Awards?

  • Startup Award nominees must have raised less than $10 million in funding (or have less than $10 million in revenues), have fewer than 30 employees, and be less than 10 years old.
  • Your startup or technology must be launched (not stealth), must have traction (customers and/or funding), must be a technology product/solution, and must have a clearly communicated customer value proposition.
  • If you do not quality for the Startup Awards, you may qualify for the Innovation Awards.

What do I receive if my startup wins a Top 50 Startups spot?

  • Your startup will receive the following:
    • Virtual expo booth at WorldFestival Virtual (August 3-4, 2022)
    • Virtual demo talk at WorldFestival Virtual (August 3-4, 2022)
    • Media promotions of your startup
    • (50) Free WORLD Passes to attend WorldFestival Virtual