WorldFestival Awards


The WorldFestival 2023 Startup Awards is the world’s largest startup awards event identifying and recognizing global innovation, with 30,000+ members voting on 2,500+ startups, companies, and new technologies.

Winners are chosen based on 3 factors:

  • Crowd Votes (anyone can judge)
  • Committee Votes (qualified tech professionals judging at the virtual event)
  • Benchmark points, including: funding raised, news and media coverage, etc

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See the 2022 Award winners showcasing global innovation and progress across 16 categories.

Who is Judging?

WorldFestival organizes 150+ judges on the Judging Committee for the WorldFestival Innovation Awards, including Venture Capitalists, Angel investors, Corporate Executives, Tech Media & Press, and leading speakers. Our past startup competitions have hosted judges from NEA, Index Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Greylock Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and more. View Full Judging Committee

How to nominate your innovation:

The WorldFestival Startup Awards recognize the top 2,500+ startups in the world this year. (If your company or organization does not qualify for the WorldFestival Startup Awards, you can apply for the WorldFestival Innovation Awards using the same form. Click the “Nominate your STARTUP” button below.)

Are you a Technology Startup?

WorldFestival 2023 Awards Nominations will open soon!

Are you a Company/Organization with a Technology?

WorldFestival 2023 Awards Nominations will open soon!


3D Printing & Manufacturing

3D Printing & Manufacturing includes 3D printing software and machinery, 3D design and fabrication techniques, general manufacturing machinery innovation, and product distribution supply chains.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning innovation includes ML frameworks and libraries, neural networks, deep learning, data science technologies, algorithms, AI cloud services, AI management software, AI for security, as well as natural language processing and chatbots.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency innovation includes technology applications for bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain protocols, cryptocurrency payment processing and marketplaces, blockchain solutions for business / industry, decentralized ledgers / finances, and new decentralized application platforms.

Business & Workplace

Business & workplace innovation includes: Business management software, SaaS tools and services, sales & marketing technologies, digital advertising, customer intelligence, social media marketing, sales management software, sales analytics & optimization, productivity, management, HR innovation includes project management, HR workflow & optimization, team communication & collaboration, and hiring / recruiting technologies.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing innovation includes containers and kubernetes, cloud architecture, DevOps management, microservices & serverless architectures, and cloud native vs. hybrd cloud technologies.

Dev Innovation

Dev Innovation includes: APIs, developer tools and technologies, programming languages and frameworks, cloud development services, code collaboration and management, bug tracking and code security.

Education & Career

Education & Career innovation includes digital & mobile education applications, course and education management, artificial intelligence & adaptive learning, career and training management, and professional development technologies.

Family & Lifestyle

Family & lifestyle innovation includes any consumer tech products, for example: web and mobile family service applications, family communication and media technologies, and travel technologies including web and mobile travel applications, travel management, and travel social networks / review sites.

Finance & Analytics

Finance & Analytics innovation includes financial management software, business analytics software, payment processing technologies, investment software, and financial marketplaces & trading technologies.

Gaming, VR & AR

Gaming, VR & AR includes new computer games, video games, mobile games, emerging gaming consoles and systems, game development technologies, as well as virtual reality / augmented reality hardware, software, and games.

Health, Wellness & Fitness

Health, Wellness & Fitness innovation includes personal health web and mobile applicaitons, doctor and patient communication, medical records management, holistic wellness web and mobile apps, and wellness practice management.

Mobile, IoT, Devices

Mobile, 5G, Communications innovation includes new mobile devices, smart phone software and hardware, mobile application development technologies and languages, 5G software and hardware, and communications technologies.

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail & Ecommerce innovation includes web & mobile shopping, ecommerce technologies, connected retail software and hardware, digital fashion shopping & technologies, and customer intelligence / predictive analytics.

Robotics & Drones

Robotics & Drones innovation includes household / consumer robotics, industrial robotics, robotics design and development, as well as quadcopter innovation and industrial drone hardware and software.

Smart Homes & Smart Cars

Smart Homes & Smart Cars includes: Smart kitchens and appliances, home security, connected home audio / video systems, connected home mobile apps and web apps, the newest cars and road vehicles, smart car software and technologies, connected car web and mobile apps, self-driving car technologies, and artificial intelligence for automobiles.

World Impact & Environment

World Impact & Environment includes: Social impact software and technologies, community and city technologies, breakthrough and disruptive technologies, solar and alternative energy technologies, smart grid solutions, clean tech, csensors / connected environments, and environmental management solutions.


Startup Awards
  • Startup Award nominees must have raised less than $10 million in funding (or have less than $10 million in revenues), have fewer than 30 employees, and be less than 10 years old.
  • Your startup or technology must be launched (not stealth), must have traction (customers and/or funding), must be a technology product/solution, and must have a clearly communicated customer value proposition.
Innovation Awards (Companies/Organizations)
  • Innovation Award nominees must have a technology or product/solution that has been launched in the last 5 years, and the parent company/organization has at least $10 million in funding (or at least $10 million in revenues), and has more than 30 employees.
  • Your technology must be launched (not stealth), must have traction (customers), must be a technology product/solution, and must have a clearly communicated customer value proposition.


WorldFestival 2023 Awards Nominations will open soon!

Last Year’s Judging Committee

elio assuncao

Elio Assuncao

Venture Capital World Summit Inc

maximilian bock

Maximilian Bock

Investment Manager

goshi cheragwandi

Goshi Cheragwandi

Managing Director/CEO

nicholas denissen

Nicholas Denissen

Macri LLC

murilo durigan

Murilo Durigan

Marketing and Communications

elen gales

Elen Gales

Brand Principal

bob gillespie

Bob Gillespie

Executive Director
Second Century Ventures

julia grala

Julia Grala

CX Data Analyst

kimberly hall

Kimberly Hall

Head of New Business Launches

david hasebroock

David Hasebroock

Strategic Partner Manager

samantha huang

Samantha Huang

BMW i Ventures

tina joros

Tina Joros

Vice President, General Manager – Veradigm Platform
Allscripts Healthcare

shin kishioka

Shin Kishioka

I.T.A., Inc.

hadet kovacevic

Hadet Kovačević

Project Manager
Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH

gosia leszczynska

Gosia Leszczynska

Digital Media/Paid Search Lead

mike litwin

Mike Litwin

Marketing Consultant
MDL Marketing Consultants

zhi martinez

Zhi Martinez

Head of Product Strategy, Institutional Advice & Wellness

tomoko minagawa

Tomoko Minagawa

Femtech Community Japan

gargi mishra

Gargi Mishra

Foresight Manager, Strategy & Innovation
De Beers

shambhavi mishra

Shambhavi Mishra

Director of Investments
Brand Capital International

carolina morandini

Carolina Morandini

Open Innovation & Ecosystem Lead
Accenture Ventures

maen naboulsi

Maen Naboulsi

Strategic Planning Consultant
The Mena Catalysts

aynat ravin

Aynat Ravin

Head of M Live
Marriott International

sanjiv razdan

Sanjiv Razdan

Global Head of SME
NIUM (Instarem)

steve riley

Steve Riley

Field CTO
Netskope Inc.

valeria sologoub

Valeria Sologoub

Chief Marketing Officer

robert upham

Robert Upham

Advisor, Mentor
UC Berkley, various startups and incubators

nicolas vega

Nicolas Vega

500 Latam